Tirana is “armored” before the final of the Conference League

schedule11:55 - 25 Maj, 2022

schedule 11:55 - 25 Maj, 2022

Tirana has been “armored” by the police and FNSH due to the fear of riots in today’s final of the Conference League between the Roma-Feyenoord teams at the Air Albania stadium.

Almost all the streets of Tirana are blocked and turned into pedestrian pedestrians. Today, due to the flow of the match in Tirana, the Elbasan police has decided to come to the aid of the Tirana Police by sending a bus with police personnel in support of colleagues in Tirana.

It is learned that it is about police officers and 3 groups of “Shqiponjat”. Considering that Elbasan is a large municipality which will be covered with almost half of the staff available, the remaining staff will work in 4 shifts.