The month of Ramadan, the US and the EU congratulate Muslim in Albanian language

schedule10:03 - 13 Prill, 2021

schedule 10:03 - 13 Prill, 2021

The Ambassador of the European Union in Albania Luigi Soreca has congratulated the Muslim for the month of Ramadan. Through a twitter post, Soreca writes in Albanian that this month should send strength to overcome any challenge in life.



“I wish a blessed Ramadan for all Muslim in Albania and around the world! Let this holy month bring health, courage and strength that will help you overcome any challenge in life! “, writes Soreca.

The day before for the month of Ramadan, the US embassy also congratulated. “We extend  best wishes to the Muslim community in Albania for a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.


“As this holy   month begins, we hope for  to spiritual rejuvenation, compassion, and kindness here and all around the world.”./