The Law Commission approves the normative act for mask-wearing compulsory indoors

schedule11:35 - 20 Korrik, 2020

schedule 11:35 - 20 Korrik, 2020

People in  Albania will be compelled to wear face-masks in closed public spaces,  a measure to stem the coronavirus transmission in the country.

Deputy Minister of Health Mira Rakacolli stated that this law came due to the addition of new cases but also hospitalizations.

Cases of hospitalizations and those in need of intensive care have increased. For this reason we have felt the need that one of the measures is the mandatory taxation of the establishment of a protective barrier that reduces the risk of infection by up to 70%.

“Involvement in the normative act and the imposition of penalties for those who do not respect it indoors will lead to curbing the pandemic and a control of the disease”, said Rakacolli.

Now this normative act will be voted in the Assembly in the next plenary session./