The execution of the 41-year-old in Elbasan, the first suspicions of the police

schedule13:45 - 12 Maj, 2021

schedule 13:45 - 12 Maj, 2021

A 41-year-old man was executed on Tuesday evening with a silencer in Elbasan. So far, over 25 people have been accompanied by police.

Journalist Ermal Vija reports for ABC that according to the investigative group, the persons escorted so far are simply persons who were at the scene or near the place where the murder of the 41-year-old took place.

Among other things, he informs that the investigative group has informed them that from the testimony of the victim’s wife Silvana Çaka they have not managed to discover any trace from the perpetrators as she has not been able to identify them due to the darkness and the fact that they were masked.

According to sources, among other things, it has been learned that Everest and why with a criminal past is not that he was a guarded person, or there was any suspicion that he could be assassinated, he moved freely in the city.

Çaka 12 years ago was arrested by the Elbasan police for the execution of Gezim Alikaj at the Zaranike Bridge in Elbasan. The 41-year-old was executed by his brother a few years ago in Spain, while in November last year his first cousin, Arjan Spahiu, was killed in Brussels.

He was also the main suspect in a triple murder in Elbasan, where a father and his two sons were killed.

The investigative group said that so far three are the main clues that the police are investigating so far is that of money laundering, revenge and disruption of drug deals. Also, the data so far show that the perpetrators of this event may be paid killers to the investigative group is trying to use the data to identify the persons who are and the orderers of this event.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening around 20:10 in the neighborhood “Skenderbej” in Elbasan, where Everest Çaka was ambushed while going to the house of his wife’s parents, being shot several times with a silenced pistol.

The gunshot were fatal for the 41-year-old who was known by two names (Everest and Ibrahim Çaka) passing away in the country, while his wife, Silvana, received a wound in the neck and hand and is out of danger for life ./