The border with Kosovo is “opened”, begins the implementation of new measures

schedule09:37 - 27 Nëntor, 2021

schedule 09:37 - 27 Nëntor, 2021

 The citizens of Kosovo have headed to Albania on the eve of the November holidays. They passed with an accelerated procedure at the Morina customs, a day after the leaders of the two governments announced in Elbasan the facilitation of the border crossing without controls, but only with cameras.

The border police have taken measures not to create unnecessary queues at the border by facilitating the passage of Kosovo citizens to Albania. One of them told ABC that with the new rules he did not have to wait long at the border. He also has a wish for all Albanians wherever they are.

“We are going for a holiday in Durrës. We did not wait at customs at all. I believe everything is fine. I wish you the Independence Day. “Let all Albanians rejoice in all Albanian lands”, he says.