The albanian government suspends applications for IDs and passports

schedule15:35 - 11 Mars, 2020

schedule 15:35 - 11 Mars, 2020

Ministry of Interior in the framework of preventing measures to spread Covid-19 has announced that all applications have been canceled and that all citizens’ expectations at service counters are excluded, except for reports. The suspension will last until April 3.

Ministry Notification:

“As part of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Interior announces:

  1. Citizens should not wait in front of  the institutions of the Ministry Interior but to wait until a second notice. Call MB – 0694134779
  2. Are excluded to this prohibition  only cases of citizens’ formal denunciation so the State Police structures.

In these cases, it is also suggested that formal denunciations to be made in writing. Call 112 or denounce at the Digital Commissariat!

  1. Citizens’ application for ID cards and passports is suspended until 03.04.2020.
  2. All citizen applications, requests or complaints will only be received electronically at the addresses of the relevant institutions. Refer to e-mail for online services.

The Ministry of Interior assures citizens that the services will continue to be provided electronically and at the same time seeks understanding and cooperation of citizens to implement these measures necessary for common security. ”/