SPAK signs arrest warrant for the Socialist deputy

schedule11:44 - 29 Mars, 2022

schedule 11:44 - 29 Mars, 2022

In addition to 9 arrest warrants issued today for the Fier incinerator as well as 5 others that are expected to be executed during the day, journalist Ermal Vija reports for that SPAK is expected to submit to the Assembly a request to authorize the arrest of SP MP Alqi Bllako.

The latter was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment in the period when the concessions for incinerators were approved. Earlier, the SPAK demanded the arrest of Bllako, the former Minister of Environment, on charges of “abuse of duty” and “corruption”.

According to SPAK. from the conducted investigations have resulted data that by Alqi Bllako, during the time he served first with the position of Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and then General Director of the National Agency for Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure (AKUM), the concession company “Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier” was favored, against the indirect receipt of the irregular benefit in the amount of 14,964,900 ALL.

The Special Prosecution Office continues further investigations to gather the necessary evidence for other persons, public officials and private natural and legal persons, who are suspected of having been involved in the above criminal activity in relation to the Elbasan incinerators and Fier.