SPAK required his arrest, Alqi Bllako hand over the mandate of MP

schedule09:11 - 30 Mars, 2022

schedule 09:11 - 30 Mars, 2022

Socialist MP Alqi Bllako is expected to present to the Speaker of the Assembly today the submission of the mandate as a deputy of the Republic of Albania and to face the accusation without any privilege.

The handover of the mandate by Alqi Bllako comes after an arrest warrant issued by SPAK, which is accused of the Incinerators affair. Bllako writes that a fair trial will prove his innocence, while SPAK argues that the MP has benefited money in large amounts, for the alienation of property to build Incinerator.

After the Elbasan incinerator, the investigations of the special prosecutor’s office led to the beating of the officials involved and the Fier incinerator. Apart from the members of the procurement commissions, the former administrator in Fier, the director of Albpetrol and a local official, the most prominent name is that of the socialist deputy Alqi Bllako. For the latter, the SPAK awaits the decision of the parliament, to obtain the authorization to arrest him.

According to the Special Prosecution, in his role as Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and then Director General of the National Agency for Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure, he is suspected of favoring the beneficiary company of the concession, in exchange for “benefits” irregular “with a value of about 150 thousand dollars. As a result, an apartment, with an area of ​​99.48 m2, in Tirana, owned by the father of MP Bllako, employed by incinerator companies, was completed under sequestration.

Bllako is also accused that in cooperation with the Chairman of the Expropriation Commission, Pëllumb Abeshi, and the former Minister of Environment Lefter Koka have prepared falsified documentation regarding the data of the expropriated property, for the construction of the Fier incinerator, changing the definition from “field” to “land”, resulting in an economic damage of about 160 thousand dollars.