Resolution for Albania, Meta: We should urgently investigate election crimes

schedule14:33 - 5 Mars, 2021

schedule 14:33 - 5 Mars, 2021

In a press conference, President Ilir Meta commented on the adoption of the Resolution on Albania in the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament. Meta stated that this resolution broke the alibis and should be blamed.

The head of state stressed out  that the investigation by the judiciary with zero tolerance for electoral crimes is urgent.


“This resolution highlights once again the biggest problems that Albania has. The European path passes only through the fulfillment of all conditions.

The 25 th April elections will be a priority. The EP reiterated that files on electoral crimes will not be forgotten. Media freedom that continues to be under pressure is another red line for Albania. The use of Albania as a money laundering machine is alarmin, stated among others things Meta./