Rama: We will establish a defense cyber-center with the USA

schedule12:13 - 20 Janar, 2022

schedule 12:13 - 20 Janar, 2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the creation of a cyber-center in the country in cooperation with US structures. At this point he thanked the contribution of US Ambassador Yuri Kim while saying that it has become customary for her country to be mentioned out of place.

“It has become a kind of custom to mention the US ambassador out of place. Thanks to its commitment to a continuous mediation of the government and structures across the ocean, we are talking about a project that has to do with the creation of a center of cyber defense excellence not only for Albania but also as an added value for NATO.

Incredible things but thanks to the right partners, thanks to our position and thanks to the will and passion to give another dimension to the strategy by using technology and innovation. “We can make this what I just said a reality,” stated Rama.