Rama: We aim to increase the average salary to 900 euros

schedule13:33 - 29 Mars, 2023

schedule 13:33 - 29 Mars, 2023

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the government has in hand an ambitious and reasonable plan for further salary increases.

In a statement to the media after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Rama said that after the increase in the minimum wage, the aim is now to increase the average wage to 900 euros.

According to the head of the government, this increase will be done in two stages.

“We have a very ambitious and very reasonable plan for a salary increase, which aims to enable the rise in the span of these two years of 2023-2024, to the high level of the region.

It aims to achieve a target for the average salary of 900 euros. We are in the conditions of a new opportunity, an opportunity that we will use to the maximum, and after the increase of the minimum wage, we can now go towards the increase of the average wage, in two stages.

We will have an increase now, soon for a part and scaled”, he emphasized./abcnews.al