Rama to receive COVID-19 vaccine live on TV

schedule12:28 - 11 Janar, 2021

schedule 12:28 - 11 Janar, 2021

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that he will make the anti-covid vaccine this Monday as a sign of awareness for all skeptics. He added that Minister Manastirliu, but also others will wait their turn.

Vaccination starts at 15:00 as the Prime Minister informed.

“We also have the cooling chain, the day after tomorrow we will make public the place, the way of storage, the whole process in order to be completely transparent and to show that everything is well prepared. We are neither the richest nor the best in this war, but we are not behind anyone. This is a reason to be proud of ourselves, starting from those in the front line: doctors and nurses who are experts.

Of course, it will be done by those who are in the front line firstly. I will do it only to give the clear message that not only is it safe but also the weapon of the annihilation of this invisible enemy. I will do it today as my colleagues around the world have done. While the minister and others have no way to enter and take what belongs to doctors, nurses, police.

I would not want to blackmail anyone, but I will do it today just for the sake of it. The vaccine is not mandatory, but it is advisable because it is the weapon that protects man from this enemy”, said Rama./abcnews.al