Rama: The new hospital at QSUT will be opened within the year

schedule13:31 - 15 Maj, 2021

schedule 13:31 - 15 Maj, 2021

Within December the new Internal Medicine Hospital at QSUT will be ready. The news was announced by the head of government Edi Rama during an inspection carried out today in his premises.

“QSUT – New Hospital of Internal Diseases, an ultramodern infrastructure of the highest contemporary standards, which will enter service within the year”, writes Rama.

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu stated that the hospital will have 270 beds divided according to services, while through a bridge it will be connected to the existing structure. The new Internal Medicine Hospital will have 9 lecture halls dedicated to medical students, where medical practices will be developed, as well as continuing education.

“A new day hospital will be established by assisting the capacities in this hospital. We will have 271 beds divided according to services while the development of this hospital will be integrated with the first building, providing energization of the current capacities. There are 60 beds in the cardiology service. There will be room for staff to get some air and rest moments.

We have proceeded with the works in these services. We will also create a new way of organizing services for the new internal medicine hospital. We can create a hybrid hall. This hospital will have a focused imaging. The panels are placed on the renovation floor. This hospital will be completed within December and the reorganization of the hospital will be completed within the first three or four months. It is interesting the connection that is made with the current building through two bridges, making it a body and enabling efficiency “, said the minister./.abcnews.al