Rama promises a raise for doctors and nurses

schedule14:12 - 5 Shtator, 2022

schedule 14:12 - 5 Shtator, 2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama promised again today a salary increase for nurses and doctors throughout Albania. During his speech at the inauguration of the New Hospital in Laç, Rama said today that despite the difficulty, the government will continue to increase salaries for health workers.

He also said that he hopes that soon the government will increase pensions.

“With the certainty that after the salaries were increased once again for you, we will continue to increase them again beyond the difficulties we have, because it is important that in this critical phase, we continue to support. Salaries will continue to increase for all those who work in the health system, and I hope that soon we will have good news for pensioners, even though we will always be in debt to them,” said Rama.