Rama: Over 19.000 farmers provided with oil card

schedule08:31 - 6 Qershor, 2023

schedule 08:31 - 6 Qershor, 2023

More than 19.000 farmers have been equipped with the oil card for carrying out mechanized works in agriculture thanks to the National Support Scheme 2023.

This was announced this Tuesday by Prime Minister Edi Rama, through a statement on the social networks, adding that 4,138,198 liters of fuel will be distributed to for working the land.

“GOOD MORNING and with the good news that while we have a further increase in agricultural exports, so far 19,412 farmers have been equipped with oil cards equal to an amount of 4,138,198 liters, for carrying out mechanized works in agriculture in a process that continues with supply of free oil from the National Support Scheme 2023, I wish you a good day”, proclaimed PM Rama.

However, the national scheme offers nine support measures, with zero documents and zero costs and covering almost all sectors: livestock, beekeeping, medicinal plants, organic farms, Global GAP certification. Farmers apply online at the e-Albania portal, for one of the nine support measures that are offered.