Rama: Italy, our most trusted lawyer in Brussels

schedule14:34 - 27 Shtator, 2023

schedule 14:34 - 27 Shtator, 2023

Prime Minister Edi Rama has held a press conference with the Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani after the meeting of the Joint Committee for Investments, Economic and Social Affairs, Albania-Italy.

During his speech, the head of government mentioned the excellent cooperation between the two countries while emphasizing that Italy is the best lawyer in Brussels.

“This means that not only the common language, since Italian is the second language of Albanians, but also the bilateral, international political language is the same.

This has the same positions on all issues and we are honored that Italy is our most trusted ally at the European level and the strongest voice in Brussels to support Albania and the Western Balkans in the European journey.

We are very pleased that this government has a special commitment to move from many promises of being together and moving from these promises to concrete facts in the field of the economy, in common insurance policies,” said Rama./abcnews. al