Rama asks SPAK for his investigation, reacts Meta

schedule12:00 - 17 Maj, 2022

schedule 12:00 - 17 Maj, 2022

President Ilir Meta appeared at a press conference revealing, according to him, the behind the scenes of the Rama-Basha agreement on May 17, 2017, while responding to Rama’s request for his investigation by the SPAK.

“After July 24, it is certain that Ilir Meta and not only and thousands of Albanians will go to SPAK with facts and evidence for all corruption mounds to be exalted every day. He calls for the investigation of Ilir and Sali, but who has hindered them during these years? ”, He continued, recalling Avzi Nela’s poem: Freedom or death!

Meta said that Rama and Basha agreed on May 17 that the majority would seize local government through a boycott, all institutions elected by Parliament.

Meta also said he was not afraid of Rama’s calls to the SPAK to investigate him.

“Ilir Meta has the strongest weapons: Truth and transparency. I have never evaded justice. “Neither the justice of the omnipotent doctor nor any other justice”, said Meta.