Prison sentence for the 31-year-old man who punched Berisha

schedule12:47 - 9 Dhjetor, 2022

schedule 12:47 - 9 Dhjetor, 2022

The court has set the measure of “prison arrest” for 31-year-old Gert Shehu, who punched the head of the Democratic Party, on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit” during the December 6 protest.

ABC journalist Ermal Vija reports that the 31-year-old’s lawyers have requested house arrest or mandatory hospitalization due to his physical and mental condition. Their request was rejected by the court.

Gert Shehu is accused of assault due to duty and intentional injury. During the interrogation in the premises of the Trauma Hospital, Shehu did not show remorse for the attack on Berisha. In addition to the mental state expertise, the prosecutor’s office submitted samples to the scientific police laboratory to see if the 31-year-old was under the influence of narcotics on the day the incident occurred.