Parliamentary session is interrupted twice

schedule13:53 - 24 Shtator, 2020

schedule 13:53 - 24 Shtator, 2020

The plenary session was interrupted for the second time, this time for a longer period because the parliamentary opposition MP, Adriatik Alimadhi did not agree to leave even after being expelled from this session.

Although without a microphone, Alimadhi has made strong accusations and even called Speaker Gramoz Ruci a ‘filthy communist’, while Ruci was forced to interrupt the session until 12:45.

“The security of the parliament should have been stronger. The session is interrupted again due to the MP’s misconduct,” declared Ruçi

The Speaker of the Parliament expelled Alimadhi from the session after the latter blocked the rostrum of parliament. Ruci initially warned Alimadhi that he will be expelled from the session if he did not sit down, but the latter did not accept. Then came the decision to expel him from the hearing./