Omicron accounts for 95% of Albania Covid cases

schedule13:45 - 28 Janar, 2022

schedule 13:45 - 28 Janar, 2022

About 90-95% of cases with Covid in our country are infected with Omicron . Invited to ABC Live, Alimehmeti said that a small percentage is of the Delta variant.

“We are somewhere around 90-95% Omicron and the other part are infected with Delta. The antibodies that Omicron creates keep Delta away. “We saw that a person who had a delta had the opportunity to get infected with Omicron” he said.

The epidemiologist says that the situation in Kosovo is more aggravated. Meanwhile, the number of hospitalizations in our country is severe, although the number of infected is higher. During January in Albania in the hospital there were many cases with Delta.

It is still unclear to the epidemiologist when there will be a decline in the curve, but there is currently a reduction in transmission.