New Central Hospital in QSUT, Rama-Manastirliu: A new beginning for health system

schedule14:45 - 22 Mars, 2023

schedule 14:45 - 22 Mars, 2023

The new Central Hospital at QSUT was inaugurated today, a completely new hospital built from the ground up for internal diseases, in the “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center complex. Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, have considered this investment the greatest work in health.

“Proud to conclude one of the greatest works of the last three decades in health, the Central Hospital of QSUT. It has not been easy at all. It took a lot of effort and persistence. With the vision and support of Prime Minister Edi Rama, we managed to build a modern hospital with 345 beds, where a staff of 612 doctors, nurses, technicians, coordinators and support workers will work. In a construction space of about 26 thousand square meters, where 14 university services are accommodated. A new beginning, which will bring a new culture of service to patients”, said Manastirliu in her speech.

The Minister of Health underlined that this new hospital will also open another path for the education and training of the new generation of doctors. “Let’s not forget that as a University Hospital Center, its operation as a teaching and professional practice base is of vital importance for the education and formation of the new generation of doctors, who will serve in the coming years and decades. Nine classes of lectures, auxiliary facilities, expansion of the capacities of the practical base create the opportunity for UMT to continue with the plan of increasing study quotas, and the continuity of the opening of specializations”, Manastirliu said.
Minister Manastirliu announced that QSUT will be the next hospital that is preparing to receive managerial autonomy, which enables more spaces for self-administration of human resources, performance-based rewards and increased staff skills. In her speech, the Minister of Health said that more than 2,000 specialist doctors will see the promise to increase the salary by 500 dollars for each specialist doctor working in hospitals, starting from April.
The construction of the Central Hospital is the largest infrastructural work in Health, with an investment value of around 17 million euros. The Central Hospital has a construction area of ​​23,290 m2, with a capacity of 345 beds, which accommodates 14 specialized hospital medical services from cardiology, nephrology, hematology, internal medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, rheumatology, allergology, emergency and imaging.