Name of officials to be arrested for incinerators issues

schedule10:00 - 29 Mars, 2022

schedule 10:00 - 29 Mars, 2022

GJKKO( Serious Crimes Court) has issued 9 arrest warrant for businessmen and officials involved in the corrupt affairs of incinerators in Tirana, Fier and Elbasan,, learns that in the early hours of the morning the police have started arresting people against whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

Among the persons against whom a restraining order has been issued in connection with the incinerator affair is the former administrator of a company, identified as Florian Muça, currently the director of “AlbPetrol”.

The opposition chairwoman of the commission, Jorida Tabaku, presented a 120-page report, which in the end was not approved by a majority vote of the socialist members of this investigative commission.

But the socialist members of this commission gave completely opposite assessments at the end of the investigation. The deputy speaker of parliament and deputy chairwoman of this commission, Ermonela Felaj, stated on behalf of the majority that the opposition abused the power of this commission to make propaganda against the government based on evidence and facts.

The voluminous report of the Socialists states that with the permits, procedures and implementation of projects for the 3 incinerators, the laws have been strictly implemented and the construction deadlines have been fully respected.

SPAK arrested in mid-December former Environment Minister Lefter Koka on charges of abuse of office, money laundering, corruption and bribery of nearly 3.7m euros in connection with a concession project for a waste treatment plant in Elbasan.

Former Minister Koka denied the allegations in the courtroom, saying he had only enforced the law. His lawyer even stated that the political moment had influenced the actions of the SPAK.

In addition to former Minister Koka, two other arrest warrants have been issued for the administrator of the company that won the Elbasan concession, Stela Gugalla, and the administrator of the company that carried out the works, Klodian Zoto, who owns 70 percent of the shares in the Fier incinerator.