Minister of Health appeals again to the citizens: Respect the measures

schedule12:43 - 20 Korrik, 2020

schedule 12:43 - 20 Korrik, 2020

Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has appealed again all citiziens to respect the measures that will curb the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking from the European Union aid donation ceremony, Manastirliu stated that work is being done in several aspects to cope with the increase in infected cases, through a strategy of testing and tracking those infected.

“We have been in an unusual confrontation for 4 months now. The efforts of the government and the citizens against this dangerous virus have brought us all together against this virus that does not select and from which more than 120 citizens in Covid hospitals are suffering. More than 1600 citizens are currently infected by the virus.

We are working on several aspects. We have increased the testing aspect to track and break the chain of infection with two labs.

 We already have four  structure for treating patients. Two of them work for more than 120 patients. “We do not leave aside those persons who are suspects”, said Manastirliu.

She stated that the government is preparing for all scenarios by mentioning the two reserve hospital structures that will be opened in case of increase of cases.

Manastirliu also mentioned political opponents who according to her use the coronavirus pandemic, while adding that the consequences of the virus are better known to doctors, nurses and their families who are waiting for news about them.

Studies show that social distancing and masks  has brought about a decrease in cases in  places where it has been used. We are not late. We must take advantage of time. Unfortunately there are also political opponents   who want to take advantage of the pandemic as well. The relatives of the infected know very well the feeling for waiting for a news from a relative of theirs who suffers from the virus “, said the minister./