Meta commemorates the 105th anniversary of the birth of Queen Geraldine

schedule10:53 - 6 Gusht, 2020

schedule 10:53 - 6 Gusht, 2020

President of the Republic, Ilir Meta has commemorated this Thursday the 105th birth anniversary of Queen Geraldine.

President Meta noted that Queen Geraldine dedicated her life to Albania, its prosperity, progress and Europeanization, adding that her work continue to inspire and make us all proud, even after her death.

“Although this country has brought you much more sorrow than joy … you give us all a message, the noble message that: The Homeland can be lovable even when it is poor and difficult.”

 I chose this passage from the letter of our great writer Ismail Kadare, sent to Queen Geraldine on March 12, 2002, to commemorate today the 105th anniversary of her birth.

 It is one of the most accomplished definitions of all the precious heritage that our “White Rose” left us.

A life dedicated to Albania, its prosperity, progress and complete Europeanization, an example of love and eternal loyalty to the Homeland even when it turned its back, the work of Queen Geraldine still continues to inspire and make us all proud, writes Meta on ‘Facebook’ ./