Manastirliu: More than 200,000 elderly are vaccinated against Covid

schedule10:04 - 14 Prill, 2021

schedule 10:04 - 14 Prill, 2021

The process of vaccination against Covid continues massively throughout our country for the age group over 60 years.

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, announced this Wednesday morning that so far more than 200 thousand elderly people have been vaccinated.

In the video posted by the minister on Facebook, some vaccinated elderly people express their satisfaction for being vaccinated , as they already feel more protected, emphasizing that it has not caused any side effects.


Meanwhile, yesterday, the vaccination of dialysis patients and persons who have performed transplants has started in the country, near dialysis centers throughout the country.

So far, 281,216 people have been vaccinated in the country, where only yesterday 13,685 persons were vaccinated./