Kryemadhi speaks after reconfirmation: SMI will be the party of the youth

schedule15:33 - 23 Nëntor, 2020

schedule 15:33 - 23 Nëntor, 2020

Chairwoman of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) Monika Kryemadhi has pledged Monday that her party will create new jobs and help the Albanian families manage the costs of living.

Kryemadhi made the promise just one day after being re-elected as Chair of SMI as she stressed out that they know how to guarantee Albanians’ children will have better education so as to find well-paid jobs.

“Dear members of the Socialist Movement for Integration! I cannot find words to express the honor and gratitude I have for all, but I want to say to you with heart: Thank you! Your participation in election was an excellent manifestation of solidarity and trust. Your participation in election is a message of responsibility and engagement.

We have the duty to return hope to Albanians and we know how to do this, because we will create new jobs, because we will help the families manage the costs of living, which this government has increased more every day. We will know to guarantee for the children of Albanians to have a good and quality education, in such a way that they find well-paid jobs. We will make it possible that every Albanian feels like in their home in Albania.

I am happy today that the SMI continues to be the party of youths. Because we do not say only that our youth needs more opportunities, but we give more opportunities to our youths. We create opportunities to our young women and men. We create opportunities to all Albanian citizens to be dignified citizens in their home that is Albania, like any European citizen”, stated Kryemadhi among others./