KPC gives the decision for Judge Arben Vrioni

schedule16:01 - 22 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 16:01 - 22 Nëntor, 2019

Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed Appeal Judge of Durrës Arben Vrioni.

Journalist Glidona Daci reports for  that Vrioni was not present at today’s session.

The judge is part of the three-judge panel on the case of Emiljano Shullazi and 4 other defendants.

At the session, after his rights were announced and he said he would defend himself without a lawyer, Judge Vrioni listed a number of requests for the panel that were considering his case.

Vrioni, which had been revalued only on the property criterion requested the KPC to reopen the investigation on the two other criteria. He told in front of  Firdes Shuli, Alma Faskaj and Pamela Qirko that he had not been acquainted with the results of a second property investigation and sought to be acquainted with them.

The case against Shullazi and co-defendants in the Serious Crimes Court of Appeal has also been postponed several times due to procedural protection requirements.

“With all due respect to You” he said, addressing the troop as he demanded his exemption.

He was part of a Prosecution investigation after the controversial decision of a panel headed by him on the early release of the former Durres band leader, Lulzim Berisha.

The prosecution’s investigation of this case was closed without any results./