July 4, Basha: The independence of US has inspired peoples and nations, pride and gratitude for the support

schedule10:07 - 4 Korrik, 2022

schedule 10:07 - 4 Korrik, 2022

The former chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has congratulated the Americans on July 4, the day of independence. In a post on social media, Basha states that the independence of the United States of America has “inspired peoples and nations to realize the dreams and ideals of freedom and democracy for free and emancipated societies.”

Also, Basha brings to attention that this day is commemorated on the 100th anniversary of relations between Albania and the USA.

“We Albanians commemorate this historic day, on the 100th anniversary of relations between Albania and the USA, with pride and gratitude for the extraordinary help and support that the American nation has given us throughout our history, both when the fate of our existence was discussed, and more after, in the challenges of leaving the darkness of the dictatorship towards the light of freedom and democracy, in the liberation of Kosovo and the declaration of its independence, in Albania’s membership in NATO and in other processes of the country’s economic development and integration in the EU.
Happy 4th of July! May God bless the friendship between our two nations.”