Increase oil prices, Rama announces a dialogue with the citizens

schedule12:00 - 10 Mars, 2022

schedule 12:00 - 10 Mars, 2022

Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced a conversation with citizens on the issue of energy and fuels. In a post on his Facebook page, Rama announces that the conversation will be at 18:30 today.

“Let’s listen to each other. “The international energy crisis and the impact of the war on oil,” Rama wrote.


Immediately, today at 17:00, the next protest was announced to oppose the price increase. The day before, hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s Square, and then the protest escalated with roadblocks in the center of the capital.

Meanwhile, organizers called for a mass protest on Saturday. There were also protests in other cities of the country such as Shkodra and Durres.