Hearing on ex-minister postponed due to judge’s absence

schedule10:38 - 20 Mars, 2023

schedule 10:38 - 20 Mars, 2023

Absence of the judge in the case, Elton Frashëri, has led this Monday to the postponement of court hearing against former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri.

Decision to postpone the hearing was confirmed by Tahiri’s defense lawyer, Maks Haxhia.

Tahiri requested a reduction of the sentence by 1 year and 6 months in prison, as he claims that during the probationary period, he served 1.6 years of the sentence imposed by the Court of Appeals.

Session of 10 days ago was also postponed after the prosecutor of the case asked for more time to familiarize himself with the details of the file, which was presented by the defense side of the former Minister of the Interior Saimir Tahiri.

On its part, the court of Elbasan is expected to set the next date for holding the session against the former minister.