From massacres to assassinations, the police destroy the criminal gang in Durres

schedule13:13 - 4 Tetor, 2022

schedule 13:13 - 4 Tetor, 2022

14 people have been arrested on the accuse of being part of a criminal group that engaged in paid murders.

According to the police, the action came after the arrest of the brothers Indri and Gentian Beqiraj, who yesterday were involved in an incident with 4 other people. The latter beat the two brothers and then kidnapped Indrit, to throw him on the corner of a street a few minutes later.

After this incident, the police started investigations, while the two brothers also confessed to other criminal incidents. According to police investigations, Indrit Beqiraj and Gentian Beqiraj have been arrested as they are accused of being part of the group that was planning to kill a person in Durres.

Also, with the arrest of the two Beqiraj brothers, another criminal event has been revealed. It is about the “Don Bosco” massacre that happened at the beginning of this year. Also, the arrested Beqiraj brothers confessed to a series of other assassinations committed in Tirana and Durres.