Free check packages, Manastirliu: Timely and quality services

schedule14:24 - 18 Mars, 2022

schedule 14:24 - 18 Mars, 2022

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, has published the video of the citizens from QSUT who have benefited health service from the packages financed 100% by  state.

Announcing a series of free interventions, Manastirliu emphasizes that these direct services are provided in a timely manner and with quality to all citizens.

Since 2015, free cardiology service packages have been offered and there are 45,178 beneficiaries, and cardiac surgery packages have been offered free  since 2015 and there are 5,848 beneficiaries. Also, the kidney transplant surgery is 100% state funded since 2015 and there are 125 beneficiaries. The dialysis service from 2015 is provided free of charge, 903,200 sessions have been performed and 6,286 citizens have benefited.

7,745 citizens have benefited from the cataract package since 2018, when it is offered free of charge by the state. The radiotherapy package which is offered free of charge from 2019, 66,236 sessions have been performed by citizens and the cochlear implant, a costly intervention that is being performed for free in our country from 2020, has benefited 25 citizens.