Ex-Head of Fier customs left in prison for injuring two in a car crash

schedule10:31 - 23 Mars, 2023

schedule 10:31 - 23 Mars, 2023

Court of First Instance in Vlora has set this Thursday the security measure of arrest and imprisonment for Arlind Lagji, the former director of customs in Fier.

He caused two consecutive accidents on the Trans-Balkan road, on Monday, March 20, injuring two elderly people, respectively 66 and 63 years old. Prosecution requested the security measure of arrest and imprisonment, while the judge of this case, Dorina Stroka, accepted this request.

Former head of Customs in Fier, Arlind Lagji, was recently involved in a scandal where he was accused of beating and threatening a citizen, after he accused him of having an intimate relationship with his wife.

The couple involved in that event were Algert Beluli and Anxhela Ngjeqari, while Algert Beluli published audio recordings with the former official Lagji, where the latter threatened him with the girl’s life and said “I will shred her body”.