Europa Conference League final in Albania, hooligans stabbed an effective, 19 others were struck by objects

schedule10:50 - 25 Maj, 2022

schedule 10:50 - 25 Maj, 2022

19 policemen were injured by the hooligans of Rome and Feyenoord in Tirana.

Meanwhile, a police officer was stabbed with a knife.

“Yesterday a group of Feyenoord fans moved towards the stadium to clash with those of Rome. Cops tried to stop Feynorn fans, but they struck the cops with bottles, stones and solid objects. Rome fans also threw stones at sticks. 19 police officers were injured, one of them was stabbed. 4 cars were also damaged. ” said the Deputy Director General of Police.

“48 Roma fans and 12 Feyenoord fans were escorted, levers and knives were seized. “This morning, 80 hooligan fans were deported to Italy, and they will be prosecuted.” he added.