Ervis Martinaj’s family reports to the police: We have lost contact with him for several days

schedule11:06 - 11 Gusht, 2022

schedule 11:06 - 11 Gusht, 2022

The family of Ervis Martinaj has reported to the police the loss of contact with the much-wanted man in blue uniforms. The report has been filed at the Kurbin Police.

The Martinaj family has said that they have not had contact with Ervis Martinaj for three days. Martinaj is wanted because, according to the testimony of the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani, he had ordered the murder of Endri Dokles, the assassination that was not carried out.

The report comes shortly after the massacre at the Fusha Kruja overpass, where his cousin Brilant Martinaj, Dikler Vata and Besmir Hoxha were executed.

It remains to be confirmed by the police, if the denunciation of his family is a staging by Martinaj, or if it is related to another criminal event.