Electoral Reform, Meta: Last chance for consensus

schedule11:28 - 16 Tetor, 2020

schedule 11:28 - 16 Tetor, 2020

President Meta host the outgoing French Ambassador Christina Vasak. The President says that Albania is still far from meeting the conditions to sit in the first Intergovernmental Conference with the EU for the opening of negotiations.

“On the occasion of the end of the mission in Albania, I received in a meeting, the Ambassador of France, Christina Vasak.

I praised her active role in strengthening bilateral relations, and for her sincere support for our country’s European integration process.

Thanking her for the essential contribution of France in the advancement of Albania towards the European Union, I confirmed that the political decision of the European Council in March to open membership negotiations is a historic opportunity for our country.

I stressed that, unfortunately, Albania is still far from meeting the conditions required for the holding of the First Intergovernmental Conference, with the brutal and unilateral violation by the ruling majority of the June 5 Consensual Agreement.

But I will give one last chance to the one-party Parliament to respect the Agreement at the public request of the European People’s Party.

I expressed the belief that the entry into force of the Agreement with the French Development Agency, will give a significant impetus to development projects in Albania, as well as will increase the interest for a greater economic presence of France in Albania,”  stated Meta./abcnews.al