DP Assembly, Duma for ABC: Exclusion is hard for Berisha, but DP is pro-Western

schedule11:00 - 18 Dhjetor, 2021

schedule 11:00 - 18 Dhjetor, 2021

The DP MP, Grida Duma, speaking for ABC from the Palace of Congresses where the National Assembly of the Democratic Party is being held, has emphasized that in yesterday’s meeting of the Presidency there was no debate but a discussion.

Duma adds that the Democratic Party is committed to continuing its pro-Western and pro-American political focus. According to her, no one can hide from the truth and despite the fact that the balances were upset, the DP will continue on this path.

After being expelled from the group in September, we bring to your attention that in the meeting of the DP Presidency, the deputy chairman Enkelejd Alibeaj proposed that in the central structures of the DP there should be no individual who has been declared “non grata”. The target was clear, Sali Berisha.

Regarding this, Grida Duma has emphasized that it will be the Assembly that will vote for Berisha and will decide for him. Asked about a possible exclusion of Sali Berisha, Ms. Duma said:
“It is expected to be voted on. This happened with his suspension. The fact that Berisha does not accept this is his personal matter. It’s hard for him to be 30 years old, the one who rules the opposition or the government. There is no better decision than the vote of the Assembly. This situation happened with his self-exclusion for Sali Berisha. ”/ abcnews.al