Died of COVID, a school in Tirana will be named ‘Bashkim Fino’

schedule13:18 - 31 Mars, 2021

schedule 13:18 - 31 Mars, 2021

A school in Tirana will be named after the socialist MP, Bashkim Fino, who passed away the day before from Covid-19

The news was announced by the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who together with other socialist colleagues remembered Finon. He also said that a street in the same area will bear the name of the other late Democratic MP Sokol Olldashi.

Bashkim Fino passed away two days ago, on March 29. He was hailed as the prime minister of National Reconciliation after 24 years ago, in 1997, he led the government in the midst of the crisis. He has been a deputy for several legislatures in the ranks of the left./abcnews.al