Democrat assails Rama for condition of water supplies systems

schedule12:37 - 30 Tetor, 2021

schedule 12:37 - 30 Tetor, 2021

MP of the Democratic Party (DP) for Shkodra Region, Helidon Bushati has reacted Saturday to the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the problems of water supply in Albania, referring to the massive poisoning of Kruja citizens.

Through a social media statement, Bushati emphasized that the event in Kruja where hundreds of residents were poisoned, exposed the electoral, without quality and harmful of the renaissance work.

“After 8 years in power, Rama has learned that the situation of water supply is serious. He used to say that he has done more than all the governments together, but today he is failing.

The event in Kruja, where hundreds of residents were poisoned, highlighted the poor quality and harmful electoral work of the renaissance.

For 30 months he has been in control of every municipality, with mayors appointed by him.

Whose fault is it? Who is responsible?

You have promoted the last former directors of Water Supply, you have made them even higher deputies and officials. The truth is that this system is at this point today, because it resembles the capital and is the offspring of the renaissance, of governance for benefits, for interests, and for votes”, stated the Democrat.