Dangerous albanian murderer arrested in Germany

schedule12:26 - 4 Janar, 2022

schedule 12:26 - 4 Janar, 2022


Genc Tafili, declared wanted for the murder of police commissioner Arben Zylyftari in Shkodra in 2000, has been arrested by German police. Sources suggest to ABC that he was stopped at Frankfurt airport, from where he would travel to Istanbul.

Release of Genc Tafili

Tafili was released from his cell by decision of Kruja Judge Enkelejda Hoxha on November 7, 2017, after 17 years behind bars for the murder of Zylyftari. He left the cell when he had eight years left without serving his sentence. After his release he left Albania.

But, in May 2021, the Court of Appeals in Tirana overturned the decision of Judge Enkelejda Hoxha, requesting his return to prison. The latter is already behind bars by order of SPAK, with the accusation of involvement in corruption for the release of convicts without serving the sentence.

How was killed Zylyftari?

Arben Zylyftari was killed on August 2, 2000, when Shkodra police organized an operation to arrest Bahri Tafili. The latter, a fisherman in the area, was one of the most wanted persons at that time for the murder of Skënder Geci.

During the operation organized by the Shkodra police, there was an exchange of fire between the parties. As a result, the Director of Police Arben Zylyftari was killed, as well as the wanted Bahri Tafili. On the same day that Arben Zylyftari was killed, police arrested Genc Tafili, accusing him of murder in collaboration.