COVID-19/ Meta: These three weeks, more problematic than the first three months

schedule10:58 - 29 Qershor, 2020

schedule 10:58 - 29 Qershor, 2020

President Meta has demanded more responsibility from the government for dealing with coronavirus, saying that the number of deaths has risen sharply compared to the period before the pandemic began.

Through a post on the social network Facebook, Meta writes that a concrete long-term strategy is needed to cope and bring under control the spread of this pandemic that is seriously endangering the health and lives of citizens.

“It is vital to increase the efficiency of these measures, through awareness, transparency, inclusiveness and increasing the spirit of cooperation, as the only major common objective should be to protect the health of citizens and the national economy.”

Also, an even more intensive communication with the countries of the region and those of the EU is necessary, as well as with the WHO, to harmonize the actions and exchange information in real time for the orientation of a strategy that allows a safer and faster to keep nder the control  the pandemic.

In particular, it is necessary to increase the reliability of pandemic management, now that we are entering the peak of the tourist season, in order to get the most out of it./