Covid-19/ How is the condition of the patients in Albania?

schedule11:13 - 8 Korrik, 2020

schedule 11:13 - 8 Korrik, 2020

In Albania,  in recent days the high number of new cases of coronavirus has worsened the situation in the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

From the Institute of Public Health, Genta Qirjako has confirmed that during the last 24 hours the situation in the infectious disease hospital is  serious, where there is an aggravation of the health condition of patients in intensive care and the number of intubated patients has increased.

Currently 83 patients are hospitalized, 10 patients are in intensive care and 4 of them are intubated in serious condition.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday, two people lost their lives and 68 positive cases were confirmed, bringing the total number of active cases of coronavirus to 1,232./