Constitutional changes, Soreca: We have not seen the proposals of the DP, but this is a sign of democracy

schedule13:33 - 21 Tetor, 2021

schedule 13:33 - 21 Tetor, 2021

The EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca has stated that the latest moves of the opposition with the amendments for the Constitutional changes are the putting in function of Democracy.

According to Soreca, they are still not familiar with the changes proposed by the DP, but nevertheless he said that this is something positive and the initiatives will be discussed between the Government and the Opposition.

“We did not have the opportunity to see the territorial map proposed by the opposition, but we know that it was submitted by the DP to parliament. But as I said yesterday when I presented the progress report, so this is democracy and this is how it works. So he is back in parliament. “It brings its own initiatives which will be discussed with the government and the opposition,” said Soreca.

The Democratic Party has submitted to the Albanian Parliament its proposals for constitutional changes. The amendments of the Democratic Party contain constitutional changes for the electoral reform, for the territorial reform and for the Vetting of politicians./