Car used for Rreshen killing had fake number plates

schedule10:00 - 27 Shtator, 2023

schedule 10:00 - 27 Shtator, 2023

Police have not yet been able to identify the perpetrators who opened fire yesterday in Mirdita, leaving one dead, Martin Bardhi, and three wounded.

Vehicle that was found burned after the incident was found to have forged license plates and no trace of it was found.

For the event, about 10 people were accompanied, including from the Reçi family, with whom the Bardhi family had a conflict in March of this year, but they denied having anything to do with the event.

After questioning, they were released by the police.

Furthermore, the security cameras, on the day of the event, but also before it, are being analyzed by the police to see possible movements that could send the blue uniforms towards the perpetrators.