Bujar Nishani: 25th April did not bring any change in Albania

schedule11:50 - 15 Maj, 2021

schedule 11:50 - 15 Maj, 2021

In a meeting with supporters and founders of the local branch of Korca, the chairman of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Bujar Nishani stated that after 25th April there was no change in Albania. Nishani said that the Socialist Party is in power again, endangering democracy in our country. He stressed out that an even greater risk is the degradation of the DP as the only mechanism that can make a difference.

“There was a moment a few days ago, April 25, when the Albanian society aimed to change a situation that had become unacceptable. Everyone believed in this process of change. Change comes through the system and in a civilized country within the system the mechanisms bring change.

I am convinced that all of us and thousands of Albanian citizens have a despair because we could not achieve what we expected.

“25th April did not bring any change in Albania. It left the DP in opposition again and risks that for many reasons the democratic collapse deepens and consolidates and what worries us even more, the degradation of the only mechanism, actor and factor that can make a difference, the Democratic Party. Korça and several other epicenters of Albania represent the center. I personally and my colleagues are honored to be among the personalities of this city and the Democratic Party “, said Nishani./ abcnews.al