Basha: The Democratic Party cannot be held hostage

schedule14:11 - 19 Janar, 2022

schedule 14:11 - 19 Janar, 2022

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, held a meeting this Tuesday with the democrats of branch 7 in the capital. During his speech, Basha said that he was aware from the beginning of the difficulty of the process where the DP is today, emphasizing that if he had not taken that decision to suspend Sali Berisha, they would not be sure of its existence.

“The important thing is that this process would be a difficult process, for which I was the first to be aware. And that I was aware of how difficult the process would be, I did my best to bear the brunt of the decision. Without this decision, today we would not know where the Democratic Party would be, or whether it would be the Democratic Party.

What matters? “It is important to use what God has given us to communicate, mind and language”, said Basha.

Referring to the January 8 protest, he stressed that this date cannot be forgotten without drawing conclusions within the political family.

“Different opinion yes, criticism yes, opposition yes, all! And loudly, race yes, but no violence, no deceptions and lies, novices we have 8 years facing on behalf of the Democrats and on behalf of all Albanians with the most corrupt government in Europe. We cannot now allow these vices to become part of the behavior of the Democratic Party.

So, on the one hand they are really a part of people, they are less than they were a month or two months ago, much less than they were on January 8, a date we want to forget, but in fact we cannot forget it without drawing conclusions within our family and will be even less when they realize that the outstretched hand is not only mine, but it belongs to every democrat, that they share our goals. Because we can question everything except our motives and goals. The motive is this place. “This political family has been established for this country and for these people,” he declared.

Basha underlined that the Democratic Party cannot be held hostage. “It is certain that the will of the vast majority of Albanians, to end the transition, to have the circulation of elites, to have a political class that entered politics to serve, is valued by vote and those who are part of the political class, who abuse power, face the consequences of abuse of justice, this is the aspiration of Albanians will become a reality, no one can stop, no Edi Rama can stop.