Basha: Corruption does not allow transparency, vetting in politics is the only solution

schedule13:31 - 25 Nëntor, 2021

schedule 13:31 - 25 Nëntor, 2021

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha this Thursday in his speech in the Assembly again spoke about the problems of farmers where he accuses the government that they did not think about the concerns of the people but about their work.

Basha, among other things, stressed that Albanians pay the highest price of fuel in Europe. According to him, corruption is the main obstacle that does not make the work of the government transparent. The leader of the Democrats has emphasized that the only thing that will save us from all this is vetting in politics.

“The fiscal package is not for the citizens and does not reflect their worries but the greed of the most corrupt state. When their need is to pay different prices for fuel, this group of corrupt and incompetent not only makes Albanians pay more than everyone else in Europe.

Even in times of crisis and for the family, the priority is not the interest of Albanians.

Getting rid of the feet of asylum seekers has passed the first levels of the pandemic. In August alone, 1432 asylum seekers from Albania, 331 from Macedonia, 148 from Kosovo, 21 from Montenegro.

Albanians seeking asylum only in August is the highest number of all countries taken together, which accurately measures work. The mass exodus of Albanians from the country waiting to sit in the intercity conference is obvious; one of the main reasons why citizens are leaving is corruption.

It is corruption that makes fiscal packages non-transparent, it is corruption that makes the government raise taxes more than ever, it is corruption that hinders the development of foreign investment. The solution we have offered is vetting in politics, it requires will and support, but this project is not extra work but a mission that requires extra work, a commitment from the elders, but in any case for Albanians who seek justice. “Most of them demand a clean policy,” said Basha. /