Anti-Cannabis operation in Kruja, 16 arrested

schedule10:54 - 30 Maj, 2021

schedule 10:54 - 30 Maj, 2021

The State Police has finalized the anti-cannabis police operation codenamed “Agimi”, arresting 16 people, declaring 24 wanted, and prosecuting 3 others on their own recognizance.

RENEA forces, Rapid Intervention Forces (FNSH) of Tirana and Fier and DVP Durrës took part in the operation carried out in Kruja. During the action with drones and weapons, the police destroyed about 50.000 Cannabis plants, as well as destroyed the greenhouses and laboratories, which were used for the cultivation of drugs.

“The structures of the State Police, in implementation of the plan of measures for the control of the territory in order to prevent the cultivation of cannabis have successfully conducted the police operation codenamed “Agimi”, in the area of ​​Nikla, Halil and Arramerras of Kruja district.

Based on data collected from drone monitoring conducted by the State Police and from the air carried out by aircraft by the GDF, as well as on the basis of previously received police information, police services have searched greenhouses, warehouses, apartments and areas forested.

As a result, a laboratory serving for the cultivation of narcotic plants by heating with lamps, cubes and cannabis seedlings, 5 vehicles and other material evidence were seized.

The citizens Xh.K., and D.K, resident in Halil, (father and son) were handcuffed for the criminal offense “Cultivation of narcotic plants” after during the control exercised on their property, a laboratory was found that served for the cultivation of narcotic plants by means of lamp heating.

During the operation the police found cannabis seedlings cultivated in greenhouses and at the end of the operations the citizens A.D., 27 years old, resident in Nikël, were arrested in flagrante delicto; M.L., 20 years old, resident in Larushk; E.K., 18 years old, resident in Qerekë; I .K., 33 years old, resident in Arrameras; D.D., 49, resident in Nickel; M.V., 16, resident of Halil; F.K., 34, resident of Halil; E.A., 30, resident in Halil; F.K., 56 years old, resident in Halil; R.D., 53, resident of Halil; E.D., 26, resident in Halil. The head of the village of Halil, citizen F.H., 61 years old, was also handcuffed.

As well as two OSHEE employees, citizens E. P., 32 years old, and S. K., 32 years old, resident in Halil for the criminal offense “Abuse of duty”.

The following citizens are prosecuted on their own recognizance: E.L., 17, resident of Larushk; G.C., 70 years old, resident in Halil, Chief of Halil village and H.Xh., 78 years old, resident in Halil, Chief of Nikël village.

They have been declared wanted and work is underway to apprehend 24 other citizens suspected of being involved in the aforementioned criminal activity. The materials were sent to the Kruja Judicial District Prosecutor’s Office for further action,” announced the Police./