Albanian MP resulted positive with coronavirus

schedule14:20 - 27 Mars, 2020

schedule 14:20 - 27 Mars, 2020

Albanian,M.P Adriatik Alimadhi has been confirmed positive with coronavirus.

The deputy says that she appeared in emergency on the evening of March 24, where he has done lung tests and graphs.

Alimadhi tells that his wife is also infected with Covid-19 and the two are having difficulty caring for each other.

However, he says he feels relieved and is already better with his health.

MP calls on PM to take care of infected people since the time he was infected without knowing nothing other people might be infected too.

I also want to tell all Albanians that there is no place to panic if we continue to act according to the rules.

In particular, statistics in Albania have shown that there have not been many cases and some of them  have been able to be controlled from their homes./