Albanian-Italian police conduct joint anti-drug operation ,9 people arrested

schedule14:15 - 7 Tetor, 2020

schedule 14:15 - 7 Tetor, 2020

An international anti-drug operation was conducted between Albanian and Italian Police that led to 9 arrests.

One of the persons was arrested in Vlora, Albania, and will be extradited to Italy, while the 8 others were caught in Italy. The arrest warrants were issued by the Arezzo Prosecutor’s Office. According to the Albanian Police, an Italian-Albanian criminal group dealing mainly with international drug trafficking was cracked down.

“Another international anti-drug operation was cracked down.

It is about the Police operation codenamed ‘RICAVO’, conducted by the Italian Police, in cooperation with the Albanian State Police, for the execution of 9 arrest warrants issued by the Prosecution of Arezzo.

This operation was coordinated and developed simultaneously in our country and in Italy. One of the wanted persons was apprehended in Albania, while 8 others were apprehended in Italy.

Pursuant to the arrest warrants issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Arezzo and as a result of well-coordinated police actions between the parties, 8 persons were arrested in Italy (Italian citizens), while in our country, the Albanian citizen R.B, 26 years old, was arrested by Vlora Police, with purpose of extradition to Italy,” Albanian State Police informed./